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John A.


Excellent pain relief

I tore my achilles during CrossFit jumping rope and box jumps and I used the CBD salve several times daily for pain relief during recovery and therapy. It provided excellent pain relief in the slow healing process and much better relief than ibuprofen.

Kiley R.


Finally CBD that actually works

I suffer from chronic migraines and anxiety. I've tried CBD in the past and never really found that it worked for me so instead I turned to THC for help. While I've found that to be helpful, it's not sustainable for daily use. When I finally learned that not all CBD is created equal, I set out to find something quality - and I found it! I can actually feel it working in my body and now I have daily support for my mental and physical wellness that I can safely use during my workday. Plus, the products actually taste good. I tried the mint tincture and it tastes like mint and olive oil. No funky chemical taste. Love the Soothe products.

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