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4 Small Ways to Prioritize Wellness

4 Small Ways to Prioritize Wellness

We’re all experiencing increased daily stress with the state of the world and it can really take a toll on your body. Stress, anxiety, and chronic pain are becoming a more shared experience. At Soothe Organic we believe in wellness and caring for your #1 entity – you! To ensure you are supporting your health and productivity, we encourage you to prioritize your own wellness. To help start you in the right direction, we’ve outlined four small ways to prioritize wellness in your life today.   

Follow a Routine   

Humans are creatures of habit and thrive with routines. Having a routine for your overall wellness is important - as it adds a level of organization and consistency when it comes to taking care of yourself. By taking the same steps each day, you can foster habits that are both healthy and practical.  

Morning routines wake you up and start the day off right, increasing productivity throughout the day. A nightly routine can help you plan for the day ahead or to wind down and fully relax for a restful sleep. Fitness and self-care actions built into our daily routines help solidify these good habits in our life. 

Tip #1: Set a goal for your routine. Ex. “I want to be more productive”. Routine solution: At the end of each day create your task list for the following day while your workday is still fresh in your mind. When you return to your work tasks, you will already know where to begin and will save time while your brain reboots into “work mode”.  

Tip #2: If you find it challenging to stick to a routine (*writer sheepishly raises hand*), start with something small and achievable that you can stick to every day and then build on it when it becomes solidified.  

Tip #3: Integrate your daily CBD into your evening routine. If you’re taking Broad Spectrum 10mg CBD Softgels capsules at night, put it near the sink and take it every evening while you're washing your face or brushing your teeth. Then you’ll never forget to take it and you’ll be able to get a restful night’s sleep to fuel you through the next day.  

Prep a Healthy Lunch  

Another very simple way to prioritize your self-care is prepping a healthy lunch the day before, or for the following week on Sunday. When you’re busy climbing mountains and crushing work goals, having a nourishing meal for you at the ready can help propel you to conquer your tasks. It also helps avoid the “fast food” temptation. Focus on proteins, whole grains, and leafy greens for a filling meal that will sustain you through the end of the day. 

Tip #1: Prep your lunch for the next day while you’re prepping your evening meal. It can be daunting to commit to prep lunch for the whole week knowing that’s a lot of cooking and a lot of mess. It’s much easier to cook extra food when you’re already cooking. Bonus tip, adapt pieces of your dinner to be your lunch for less cooking or cook a little extra dedicated to lunch the next day.  

Tip #2: Routinely feeling the 3 pm crash? Pack a serving of our Broad Spectrum CBD Energy Drink, mix into a bottle of water, and propel yourself through the end of the day with an energy drink that also supports a clear head and quiets anxiety.  

Find Work-Life Balance  

Work-life balance has become increasingly messy as more and more of us move the “office” inside our homes. Without balance, personal and professional life can suffer through mistakes, poor mood, decreased energy, focus, and drive.  

Unsure of how to find that work-life balance? Start with small steps to establish work boundaries. For example, turning off work notifications while off work defines your working hours. Avoid checking emails in bed or taking on a workload that will require more hours than you are in your working space.  

Tip #1: Are you working from home and extra struggling with the balance? Review your workspace and working habits. Avoid working in places you normally lounge and rest (couch, bed, etc.). Working in places that are meant to rest will trigger your body to feel work stresses when you’re actually trying to relax in that space. Even better if you can dedicate a room in your house for work and when you’re done for the day, close the door. Out of sight, out of mind.  

Tip #2: Try our first idea of setting a routine with your work schedule if you’re working from home or set your own schedule. Create a schedule for the week and stick to it! Make sure you schedule in play time and stick to it. You’ll find your productivity will increase with clear time boundaries. If you know you’re starting to cook dinner at 4:30, you’ll have to plan your work so your projects are completed by then.  

Tip #3: Treat yourself to a Delta-9 THC + CBD Gummy at the end of the day. The THC (federally legal) will put you in a restful mood and ready you to unwind and enjoy your evening. Once you enjoy a Delta-9, the stresses of the day automatically go on hold until later.  

Get Outside  

At Soothe Organic, we have a passion for the outdoors. Connecting with nature helps make us healthier and happier humans. In the 1980s, a Japanese therapeutic practice named Shinrin-Yoku or “forest bathing” was integrated into the national health program to combat corporate stress by fully immersing oneself into the meditative nature of the forest.     

Thanks to increased cortisol levels in the body, excess stress and the inability to release it compounds adverse effects on the body, like depression and anxiety. It can even turn physical with body aches and pain.  

It doesn’t have to be a full immersion into the forest, a park, nature, natural trail, or any natural setting will do. Turn off your phone, take a deep breath, and center yourself. As you begin your stroll, notice what your senses take in and observe your surroundings. Let your mind wander and your feelings explore. Studies have shown benefits such as lower cortisol levels, inflammation, and better mood and overall health.  

Tip #1: Schedule yourself 10 – 20 minutes to get outside every day. The winter months can be challenging but just like taking a cold shower – enduring a short cold stroll can serve to energize the body. 

Tip #2: If you really want to settle into a meditative experience in nature, enjoy a dropper of our Broad Spectrum 2250mg CBD Tranquil Mint Tincture. Calming benefits kick in quickly and offer a sense of tranquility that will ease your anxieties while you enjoy your nature outing.  


A few small steps of prioritizing your wellness can push you towards a healthier lifestyle. Follow a routine to increase our productivity, prepare healthy meals to fuel our bodies, consider your work-life balance in order to remain energized and productive throughout the day, and take time to interact with nature for your inner peace and wellness. We also encourage you to integrate Soothe CBD products into your wellness solutions to provide physical and mental support to help you succeed.  

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