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What is Nano CBD?

What is Nano CBD?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “water and oil don’t mix?” Since the body is 60% water, it would only make sense for CBD oils may have a bit of a challenge breaking down and getting into the bloodstream, but there’s a modern solution raising the effectiveness of CBD – Nano CBD.  

To appreciate Nano CBD, we must talk about bioavailability first.  

What is bioavailability? 

Bioavailability is an important concept in pharmacology, nutrition, and chemistry that refers to how much of the drug or nutrient is available for use by the body after it has been administered or consumed. In a nutshell, bioavailability is a product’s ability to break down in the body and take effect. 

The bioavailability of a substance determines its effectiveness in treating illnesses and providing health benefits. In order for a drug or nutrient to be bioavailable, it must be able to pass through the membranes in the intestines or liver and enter into the bloodstream where it can reach target cells throughout the body. 

Due to the nature of a water-based body and CBD oil, you may not get as much CBD as you think in standard CBD oil, so scientists created Nano CBD as a way to increase effectiveness.  

What is Nano CBD? 

Nano CBD is a form of cannabidiol, or CBD, that has been nanoemulsified for more efficient absorption into the body. It offers higher bioavailability than traditional forms of CBD because nano-sized particles are able to pass through cell membranes and enter the bloodstream more quickly. This means that a smaller dose may be required to achieve the same benefits as a larger dose of traditional CBD. Nano CBD also has increased stability due to its ability to disperse evenly in water.  

The primary benefit of nano-CBD is its improved bioavailability, which leads to greater therapeutic efficacy and cost savings related to lower dosing requirements. Studies have shown nanoemulsion technology can improve the effectiveness of certain drugs by up to 25 times more than traditional forms. In addition, Nano CBD is easier for the body to absorb and has improved stability when mixed with other substances or liquids. It also allows for more precise dosing because Nano-CBD particles are so small. 

What are the Benefits of Nano CBD? 

Increased Bioavailability. Nano CBD offers superior bioavailability compared to traditional methods of consuming CBD. This means that your body is able to better absorb and utilize the beneficial compounds contained in CBD for maximum benefit. With bioavailability increased, less CBD is needed for a desired effect--meaning you can get more bang for your buck! Nano CBD has been found to have faster absorption rates, leading to quicker results. Furthermore, it avoids first-pass metabolism which occurs when compounds taken orally must pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream—allowing more of the particles to reach their intended target without being filtered out or broken down.  

The improved bioavailability means that nano CBD can offer greater therapeutic benefits than traditional methods of consumption. 

It Is a Faster-Acting Form of CBD. Nano CBD is absorbed by the body much faster than other forms of CBD. This is because it has a tiny particle size that allows it to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream without going through the digestive system first. As such, it’s possible to start enjoying its benefits within minutes of consuming it, unlike other forms that require up to an hour or two for full absorption. 

Bottom Line 

CBD is becoming more and more popular in today’s market. Many people are looking for new ways to improve their health and well-being. If you're looking on the hunt for your next CBD hero and you want something fast-acting and highly effective, look for CBD products created with nanoemulsion technology. At Soothe Organics, all of our CBD softgels have been createed using nanoemulsion technology.  

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