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What is Nano CBD?

What is Nano CBD?

 Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of CBD and its interaction with our body, reminiscent of the age-old saying, "water and oil don't mix"? Given that our bodies are composed of 60% water, the challenge for CBD oils to efficiently break down and enter the bloodstream becomes apparent. However, fear not! A cutting-edge solution is revolutionizing the game and enhancing the effectiveness of CBD – Nano CBD.

To truly grasp the marvel that is Nano CBD, let's delve into bioavailability first.

What is bioavailability? 

Bioavailability, a pivotal concept in pharmacology, nutrition, and chemistry, pertains to the proportion of a drug or nutrient available for use by the body following administration or consumption. It encapsulates a product's capacity to break down within the body and elicit its effects.

The degree of bioavailability profoundly influences the efficacy of a substance in treating ailments and conferring health benefits. For a drug or nutrient to achieve bioavailability, it must traverse the membranes of the intestines or liver, ultimately entering the bloodstream and reaching target cells dispersed throughout the body.

Given the inherent challenge posed by a water-based body and conventional CBD oil, the actual CBD content in standard formulations may need to be revised. To overcome this limitation, scientists have ingeniously devised nano CBD designed to heighten effectiveness.

What is Nano CBD? 

Nano CBD represents a specialized form of cannabidiol (CBD) that undergoes nanoemulsification, enhancing its absorption efficiency within the body. This formulation boasts superior bioavailability to traditional CBD variants, thanks to the nano-sized particles that swiftly penetrate cell membranes and enter the bloodstream. This heightened bioavailability implies that achieving the same benefits may require a smaller dose of Nano CBD than a larger dose of conventional CBD. Moreover, Nano CBD exhibits enhanced stability, dispersing uniformly in water.

The paramount advantage of Nano CBD lies in its elevated bioavailability, resulting in heightened therapeutic efficacy and cost-effectiveness through reduced dosing requirements. Scientific studies have demonstrated that nanoemulsion technology can amplify the effectiveness of specific drugs by up to 25 times more than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, Nano CBD stands out for its enhanced absorption by the body, increased stability when combined with other substances or liquids, and the facilitation of precise dosing due to the diminutive size of its particles.

What are the Benefits of Nano CBD? 

Enhanced Bioavailability: Nano CBD surpasses traditional CBD consumption methods by providing superior bioavailability. This implies that the beneficial compounds present in CBD can be more efficiently absorbed and utilized by your body, maximizing the overall benefits. With increased bioavailability, achieving the desired effect requires less CBD, translating to a more cost-effective experience. Nano CBD demonstrates faster absorption rates, ensuring quicker results. Additionally, it sidesteps first-pass metabolism, a process where orally taken compounds navigate the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. This allows more particles to reach their intended target without filtration or breakdown.

More excellent Therapeutic Benefits: The heightened bioavailability of nano CBD positions it to deliver more significant therapeutic advantages than conventional consumption methods.

Rapid Action: Nano CBD stands out as a swift-acting form of CBD, being absorbed by the body at an accelerated rate. This is attributed to its minute particle size, facilitating direct absorption into the bloodstream without the detour through the digestive system. Consequently, the benefits of Nano CBD can be experienced within minutes, in contrast to other forms that may require an hour or more for complete absorption.

Bottom Line 

CBD is becoming more and more popular in today’s market. Many people are looking for new ways to improve their health and well-being. If you're looking for your next CBD hero and want something fast-acting and highly effective, look for CBD products created with nanoemulsion technology. Our CBD soft gels have been created at Soothe Organics using nanoemulsion technology.  

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