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Soothe Organic: The Benefits of USDA Certified Organic CBD Products

Soothe Organic: The Benefits of USDA Certified Organic CBD Products

In a world that's becoming increasingly conscious of what we put into our bodies, it is more important than ever that consumers have a clean, organic option. One group that is often overlooked when discussing the importance of organic products is CBD. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that can be found in hemp. It is imperative that hemp plants be grown with care and without the use of harmful pesticides. A clean growing and extraction process helps hemp plants produce the pure CBD that is used to make USDA Certified organic CBD products including tinctures, softgels, and gummies.

USDA Certified Organic: Nature's Assurance

Not all CBD products are created equal. Along with needing to worry about whether the CBD in your gummies is synthetic or real, you also need to be aware of if they are organic or not. USDA organic products need to meet a certain standard of quality for soil and water, and they can’t be grown using any GMOs or synthetic inputs including fertilizers, pesticides, additives, or antibiotics. Some companies use these to increase production output, and reduce costs in maintaining their farms, but your body feels the difference.

The Benefits of Going Organic

Purity: USDA certified organic CBD products are free from synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals. a USDA certified organic label on a CBD product also ensures that the product is made using real CBD instead of synthetic CBD.

Potency: Studies have shown that organically harvested foods and vegetables have higher nutritional value because the soil they are grown in is more nutrient-dense. This is also the case for hemp plants. Growing hemp plants in quality soil without any nutrient-sucking pesticides will result in a nutrient-dense hemp plant with richer cannabinoid content.

Quality Assurance: Simply put, we have to jump through more hoops to maintain our organic certification for our CBD products. This shows a level of care and attention to detail that isn’t present in non-organic CBD products.

Soothe Organic’s Commitment to Organic CBD

We believe that science and nature are both incredibly important and that we can combine the best of the two to create quality, safe to use products. This belief pushes us to do the right thing and maintain a scientifically backed, planet-first approach to creating our CBD. We’re committed to providing you with top-quality, USDA certified organic CBD products that don’t just make you feel good, but make you feel better.

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