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How to Buy High Quality CBD

How to Buy High Quality CBD

When you start your CBD journey, you will notice the sale of CBD products in various forms and locations: from over-the-counter at convenience stores and gas stations to high-end online boutique CBD labels. Fun fact: CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA which makes it difficult to know what CBD products are quality and which ones are junk. And, to be honest. The market is full of junk. That’s why Soothe Organics got into business.  

As you search for high-quality CBD products, keep in mind these three key points to ensure the products you’re using are doing more good than harm.  

  1. Check the ingredients list - and not just the CBD

Unless you are dealing with raw or refined pure hemp extract, CBD oil products contain additional oil ingredients. Companies cutting corners often use fillers or harsh chemicals that are hard to pronounce and harder on your body. 

 A product's ingredient list is a quick way to tell if it's a high-quality product. Hemp seed, coconut, and almond oil are all high-quality and offer benefits for the body. 

  1. Look at where the CBD is sourced 

Our hemp-derived CBD oil comes from PCR-rich hemp plants that have been specifically bred to produce high levels of phytocannabinoids (all the CBD and terpenes that provide the healing goodness). These plants are typically grown outdoors in large fields under natural conditions. The resulting crop is then harvested and processed into oil using various methods that preserve its purity and potency.  

Make sure you’re researching the source Verify the use of organic hemp, ensuring that your product is free of pesticides and other chemicals that might otherwise harm your health or the environment.  

  1. Pay attention to how your CBD is tested

Since CBD is still largely unregulated, so look for companies that take the time and care to publish their various test results for consumer education.  

To ensure your CBD products are of high quality, look for the lab reports. You should look for lab results that contain information about the date of manufacture, attributes (like consistency and color), potencies, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents and so on. Because different strains and crops produce different levels of CBD, CBD oil can vary in potency from one batch to another. Any good distributor will want to know exactly how much CBD is in their products and share that information with their customers. 

Additionally, look for companies boasting the USDA Certified Organic seal. Not every product can be certified under the USDA’s organic certification process. But the ones that do go through a rigorous testing process at the vendor’s expense. Companies who choose to get the certification have not only met the strict criteria, but also are willing to certify their products’ quality to ensure only the best is reaching you, the valued customer. 

Purchasing lower-quality CBD products could have harmful effects. You could be unknowingly ingesting cheap fillers, low-quality additives, or tox chemicals – especially if lab testing isn’t done. Best case scenario of ingesting low-quality CBD? You’re simply wasting your money on products that don’t work.  

The Key Takeaways to Finding Quality CBD 

We care about your body just as much as you do. Just as you read the labels of the food you ingest, you should be reading the labels of the CBD supplements you are adding to your wellness routine. Do your research! CBD has an endless potential of benefits for health and wellness, but when you’re dealing with an unregulated industry – it's kind of the Wild West out there.  

As always if you have any questions about the quality of your products, drop us a line.  We love answering questions and helping our customers along their mental and physical health journeys.  

If you're looking for an easy daily healthy habit into your routine, try integrating CBD products into your daily routine. Whether you want an easy to eat and dose option like our softgels or gummies or you’re looking for something more on-the-go like a tincture, we’ve got daily solutions for mind and body health.  

To learn more about CBD, sign up for our Soothe Organic email list (we promise to only send what we think you want to know), explore our additional education and resources, or check out our product line with CBD all-stars. 

Have questions? Drop us a line. 

Disclaimer: We are not doctors. We are CBD enthusiasts interested in spreading education and awareness about the promising benefits of CBD for physical and mental health. We work tirelessly to gather the most accurate information based on legitimate education and research studies. We recognize that CBD education is in its infancy and research and laws continue to change. As always, if you have concerns about CBD in regard to your own health consult your doctor. We hope you find CBD to be an added benefit to your wellness routine. 

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